Lin Hughes is a mental health professional with a career in the NHS that has spanned 33 years.

Her life experience is even longer...

With a career lasting over three decades, Lin has worked in various roles within the National Health Service in the field of Mental Health.

Now working as a freelance consultant, Lin is keen to share her knowledge and skills with others, drawing on her life and professional experiences to help people develop, and be the best they can be in all elements of their life.

However rewarding the work can be in the NHS, Lin is realistic about the challenges this can present and tackles this head on in the programmes she delivers. Recognising and understanding the importance of staff wellbeing is paramount to the success of all organisations. Managers and leaders have to feel empowered to help their staff feel genuinely cared for and supported. Productivity versus attendance is a focus that will drive workplaces towards more successful outcomes, particularly in this ‘new world’ we now find ourselves in.

Lin delivers programmes which are based on ‘real-life’ and that people are able to relate to and take something from. Each session will allow teams time to explore and develop an ‘insights and solution-focussed’ approach. Team Leaders and Managers will be encouraged to consider how they can make their teams more reflective and empower them to be the best they can be.

Lin is passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and experience around wellbeing in the workplace and outside, offering a range of courses tailored to suit your requirements.