Taking Care of You

Taking time to focus on you helps you to be the best you can be, and then you are more able to help others.

Taking Care of Each Other

Being aware of, and interested in, your colleagues. “Are you ok…are you really ok?”

Taking Care of Your Team

Empowering managers and leaders to help their staff feel genuinely cared for and supported.

Mental ‘Elf

A weekly programme that offers staff teams an outlet to discuss any challenges they have faced and strategies for the future.


“Lin, your contribution during the pandemic year has been very visible! Not only to your direct CHC team, but throughout Pan Sussex CHC and CCG, and I know they thank you – as do I.”

— NHS Senior Leader

“I just wanted to thank you for a really good session yesterday. I definitely found it very helpful and I have printed off your breathing exercise to try out during the day.”

— NHS Colleague