Taking Care of You

Personal Resilience


It is a human reaction for change to make us feel uncomfortable. By learning and understanding what we are able to control or influence, our attitude to change can become less negative and we can become more able to adapt to or accept a situation.

Lin will visit the notion of “it’s ok not to be ok” and encourage the sociological aspects of supporting colleagues to speak more freely about their feelings in a safe environment.

Managing Anxiety

As humans we are creatures of habit, and anxiety can be heightened by moments of change, when we are faced with situations that upset our usual routine. An anxious mind will magnify potential problems and muse over what may happen, thus focussing on the unchangeable past and the imagined future – neither of which we have control over.

Lin will use real-life examples to help you consider a counter-thought process, focussed on driving positive and ‘in-the-moment’ thoughts to the forefront of the mind.

Self Awareness

Too often, we have so much on our minds that we feel overwhelmed. As a result, we can’t think clearly, our productivity is reduced significantly, both at work and at home, and we can’t seem to make rational decisions. Overwhelming feelings lead us to reflect on the past, which we can’t change, and a future, which is always unknown.

In a world of constant change, Lin will discuss strategies for dealing with challenging experiences and focus on the importance of being kind to yourself.