These testimonials are all from staff who are working, or who have previously worked, in the NHS…

During the Pandemic Year, Lin increased her ‘Mental ‘Elf’ support sessions to the CHC team and increased sessions to weekly. This was valued by many CHC colleagues during a time of significantly reduced social contact and changes to our working practices.

This is a much valued time for me, and if work pressure means I miss a session I am reassured to know there will be one next week. If they were less frequent this could mean waiting a long time for this special time…

Thanks for giving so much of yourself to supporting the team.

It’s good to have time out, even if just for a short time to touch base with how you are feeling. Sometimes with work, and life in general, you can tend to be thinking about everyone else and forget about yourself.

I believe this is enabling some people to continue working effectively.

Love the PowerPoint Lin – both content and design – so nice to see a PPT that is not full of words.

Seems perfect the way that it is. Fantastic that the views and choices of the team are sought and included. Most valuable.

I think it’s great the way that everyone has an opportunity to share how they are feeling but then there is a focus for discussion (i.e sleep etc) – this is important.

I enjoyed working with Lin as she brings great enthusiasm to this topic. It clearly forms part of her own personal values that she shows genuine compassion to her colleagues and I also valued her authentic and honest feedback. 

Keep doing a fantastic job Lin.

It is a very positive group where individuals bring their ‘problems’, and they receive and give support, sometimes based on their own experiences/coping strategies. It should be allowed to develop naturally and the course of it directed by those attending as our mental health can be very fluid. Every day brings each of us different concerns/anxieties and the constant changes within our lives cannot benefit from a ‘rigid & strict’ group meeting.